Musubu Nakai


an university student(for 11~12 years)
Almost a beggar (the garbage picker)
a strange shop master

an artist



CUPIDO No.7/2013(Norway) 2p
TH No.55(Japan)6p
CUPIDO No.9/2013(Norway) 1p
CUPIDO No.2/2014(Norway) 1p
TH Extrart No.3 2014(Japan) 15p

SUTEKI 2 (the private puplication of Daisuke Ichiba) several pages 2015


"Drawings and Photographs" 2014 48p now on sale at my Etsy shop

"In reality, I do not want to do anything. Until now, like those that catch fish in the ocean to live, I scrounge for trash in the garbage area and sold it for money. But because laws changed and I was forced out of the garbage area. Then I had no choice but to become an artist. Being an artist is like selling trash... pick up some good garbage and sell it to those who want it... It's the same exact process. As an artist, my pleasure is to find beauty, Although it is very enjoyable, finding beauty does not have much value. My goal in life is to die. Until that moment of my death, I have no choice but to live and kill time. I work hard and enjoy things that give me pleasure. The most pleasurable things are sex and stroking my cat head.

That is why my drawings are composed of these things"

(translated by JUXTAPOZ)

I sell my original drawings.
Please buy them.(I want to buy my food)

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